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This is the full astrology profile of someone born under February 14 zodiac, which two air signs: Gemini and Libra as they tend to share the same vision of life. . Aquarius has a peak of philosophers in its birthday people.

Finally, a day came when we had to go to our native place for two weeks, and I was able to convince her to give these kittens away. We were amazed that there were no takers for the black one! I had to make a deal with a gardener to give the kitten a good home. While taking the cat, he promised me that he would definitely be able to find him a home in an estate, and that our dear kitten would be safe there among other cats.

Later, to my amazement, I came to know that no one wanted to keep a black cat in their house or on an estate. Eventually, the kitten ran away from the gardener's house! Clearly, these superstitions are still deeply ingrained within the minds of many Indian people.

Superstitions exist all over the world. Every culture and every country has their own share of beliefs. Some of them are funny, and some are logical. Some believe in these superstitions and follow them diligently, but others do not believe them and choose to ignore them. Watch the two videos to know about some of the superstitions that exist in other cultures. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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I am married to a Filipina and she has similar belief of Hindu superstition from morning to night. At the tip of the finger resides godess lakshmi Its a litrally comes from our mother geeta if u dont know u can check by google because obviously u dont have indian religious books.

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This is 14th verse from the 15th chapter of Bhagavad Gita This sloka is a sort of acknowledgement and assurance to us from Brahman. So instead of make any seperation between indian dharma nd english mythes just ansure if its true or not. At the time of our ancestors there was no scientific development or any logical reasons known to them, they may have considered that their coincidences are done by either gods or demons.

But after this much development also how can they believe them. And sir you have stated that you have discussed this topic with some of your friends and well-wishers and you have said that some of them tried to ignore them which had caused some negative effects,I agree with them because when we try to change or ignore them our friends,family or society we live in cannot digest the truth which is covered by superstitious beliefs from centuries old.

And we can take a example in India if somebody sneezes when about to start a work is considered inauspicious,but when a train is about to start the locopilot will not see if there is a black cat is crossing or he is snezzing he will just start and run the train at its exact time. Thank you for the article.

Vedic Astrology - Introduction, History and Facts

Superstitions, rituals and blind traditions are the root cause of unhappiness. It is easy to dramatise actions to make someone happy, but the true meaning lies in why we do what we do and whether there is a better way of doing it, instead of blindly following what generations have set. I have just returned from a trip to India where I spent an entire month in Kashi Varanasi.

I am a Shiva Bhakti from Australia and I am non-Indian so there were many occasions when "evil eye" became noticeable to me, as well as various forms of subtle energy which can harm you if you are not aware of your surroundings. The "evil eye" incidents became noticeable as a pain in my stomach or an uneasy feeling inside. Not to be confused with an actual stomach problem. Upon my return to Australia, I was yelled at by a man who did not approve of my saree and scarf and called me names and told me to f-off, this left me with the same feeling that I had in Kashi.

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  4. This is a place where much energy is gathered, and whilst I believe that energy is impartial, it can still create a disturbance inside your body. I have had this occur on more than one occasion and I am telling you, you can feel it when it passes through you if there is enough of it. Also, people are very superstitious in India, this can also cause a subtle energy of its own and change the outcome of an event by planting a seed of doubt within your mind.

    I had a meeting with a Baba, who was quite delightful, our meeting left me feeling quite good, however, my superstitious friends warned me that he was trying to corrupt me and take my energy. They warned me to submerge the two shells he gave me in Maa Ganga and ask her for forgiveness and protection, wash all my clothes, hair, body and ornaments which I was wearing to make sure that his influence over me was gone.

    I did all of this because the power of their belief was confounding.

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    I felt that I should do as they say on the strength of their conviction alone. Never underestimate the power and energy which is imbued into everything from the strength of people's belief. They are very religious people, they live and breathe it. This is to be respected rather than ridiculed. They live in an ongoing, continually maintained stream of ceremony and ancient tradition. Just because we do not understand them does not mean there is no reason, there is always a reason.

    We are calling these as superstitions because we don't know how they works. Self experience is the only way to know them. After prayers at the vinayagar temple.. With the ghee vilakku on plate in my hands while and want to light up while walking i tripped and fell and fractured my feet. Whats the significance. Bat hanging in your balcony considered bad.

    Sandhya Meaning, Pronunciation and Origin

    Bat coming into your house flying also considered bad. They say it portends death. Practically speaking Bats in balcony means droppings and unclean surroundings.. There are blood sucking bats? Drive bats from balcony. My Doubt is today while we were going to temple our spiiled down from my hand and deep fell down and cracked. It is bad Omen. Robert, Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Glad to know that you found this hub interesting. I don't know much about the rationale behind some of them. While googling you may find it. Interesting hub--I have a fairly broad knowledge of Hinduism, but I didn't know about folk beliefs such as these. I would have liked to learn more about the rationale behind some of them.

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    The belief that black cats are a bad omen is also a Western superstition, and I've read that Native Americans believe seeing an owl is inauspicious. Earlier some practices were there which were scientific, but with time people keep on adding things and thus when most of practices doesn't seem to work, younger generations call it superstitions. Be it good or bad omens, it is important to put belief in God, then even bad omens may turn into good ones. I booked my flight ticket to Vaishnav Devi shrine 2 months before.

    Now guide me some one it is good or bad Can the bride leaves the home on Friday for the wedding in different location? Please suggest.. Black cat isn't bad but it is believed that if we have black cat in house then we get protected from black magic. Just bcoz u haven't seen your great great great grandfather doesn't mean he never existed They lived in different circumstances and we live in diffeent situations. So i reckon that supestitions are time based. What we follow now are sure going to become superstitions in tge future.

    So accept the change and respect the old sayings. To follow them or not is completely a personal choice. All these Superstitious culture is followed for a good life and to avoid any misshapen in family and a signal of any bad omen. All religion follow this type of superstition, but the people should know.